Friday, July 18, 2008

Front page news

The newspaper interview came out in last night's paper. Pretty cool. Its always cool when you see your name in print. In this case the reporter's story took over half a page. The headline reads "Saco author weaves camp tales into first book." Then she goes on to tell all about who I am, and how the book came about. Then she quotes a few excerpts from the books and focuses on the one story which I told her was my favorite. She did get a few things incorrect or misinterpreted. That always seems to happen. But they were minor errors and did not affect the spirit of the piece which was basically about the fun I have had writing and publishing the book. All in all the interview was an enjoyable thing to do. The paper has a circulation of 22,500 so hopefully that many people will now know about my book and that was the goal. As I have said, this is just one more step in a "journey of shameless self promotion." I hope a few people will be intrigued enough to visit the local book store and buy a copy. Not only would it be nice to sell more books but it would be nice for the bookstore owner to sell out of all her copies. Who knows? The notoriety may catch some other folks attention and lead to some new opportunities. You never know. As my friend Winnie-the-Pooh said " You never can tell about bees."

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