Thursday, February 26, 2009

Maine Authors Collection

Well that was a bit of good news. Received a note from one of the librarians at the Maine State Library indicating they had purchased three copies of Sandbox Camp Tales to add to the Maine Authors Collection there at the library. I was honored. I've been there in that room filled with all the assorted books penned by Maine writers from way back when. It's pretty humbling to think my little book will end up on a shelf there somewhere in "R's". If the book has no more sales or gets no more recognition at least a few copies will have been preserved for some future reader to discover and enjoy. This is turning out to be one long snowy winter. It's been years since we've had snowbanks shoved up so high. Kind of makes us wonder if Spring really is on its way north. For us it can't get here soon enough. The old woodpile is diminishing at an alarming rate. We've already decided we'll need to lay in an extra cord for next winter. Makes you wonder how the old timers got by and how much energy they had to spend just to keep warm and make it through the winter. Guess we're soft today by comparison. A few nights ago I watched an interview with Walter, who is pushing 112 years. He was in a nursing home but still seemed to be doing ok. He talked about the Great Depression and told how things were so bad families had to all move in and live with each other just so they could survive. He said sometimes there might be only one person earning any money and they all had to make do with that. And yet our parents and grandparents survived and their legacy and the lessons they learned back then continue with some of us today. I know some of us "baby boomers" are disappointed and discouraged when we witness the greed, waste, and self indulgence which has come to define the more modern technology generations. Maybe this current economic downturn will have a lasting affect and force people to rethink what something is worth, and the value of family and neighbors and friends. When you read the book you'll find a few stories of what is was like when we were kids growing up in the shadow of those depression times and how our parents continued to live wisely and economically.
And that's the sermon for today. Amen.

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