Tuesday, January 10, 2012

You gotta be nuts!

Well that's what my wife said. "Why would you want to own a 38 year old car? And not just any car, but a VW Beetle?" She had a good point. Why? Since buying the car I've been trying to figure that out. For one thing, its fun. For me anyway, its a ton of fun to just drive around in the thing. My first car was a 1954 Bug. I drove that heap back and forth to college and sold it when I went into the Navy. I think secretly I've always wanted to own another one. So there's the nostalgia aspect. Mid-life crisis and all that. Some guys buy motorcycles or campers or sports cars. This ain't no sports car. What appeals to me most I guess is the honesty of the car. It has no pretentions of being anything other then what it is...plain, simple transportation. Also for me its a statement. Its my way of rebelling against the ultra wired vehicles of today. Most cars have so many switches, screens, voices and wi-fi connections they're like a rolling computer. Plus the engines and suspension and everything else about the car is all computer controlled. The driver is just along for the ride and to give a little guidance when there's a corner ahead. But if something goes wrong...you're dead. forget your password our your electronic key or have a hiccup in the onboard computer and you aren't going anywhere. I hate that feeling of helplessness. I've always been an independent sort of cuss. There is not much that can go wrong with a VW that you can't repair on the roadside and at least be able to limp home or make it to a garage. I can only tell you in a general way how a modern car works, but I can tell you exactly how a VW works. I've taken them apart and put them back together, and tuned them up and timed them and adjusted the valves and the carburetor. So I know. And that gives me satisfaction. So maybe I am nuts. A sort of Luddite railing against the wonders of modern transportation, but I know when I go toodling down the road in the VW I have a huge smile on my face. I have no doubt about how it runs and how it gets me from here to there. My old VW had no heat and neither does this one. When we were dating Jean carried a blanket with her in the car in order to keep warm. She does the same thing now. Who says we can't go back in time? We do every time we take a drive and for now we're loving it.

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Where are you in the journey now, Ran Ran?

~Ron P.